May your stories bud, bloom, and blossom!

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The Buddy System

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Writing and editing can be lonely arts. It can be confusing about where to start your story, frustrating in the meddlesome middle, and discouraging on how to edit it all.

That’s why it’s good to get a buddy! I want your story to bud, bloom, and blossom!

From an outline to the final draft, from the first line to the last, from every sentence, scene, and chapter, let me guide you through it all.

Whether you’re a new or experienced writer, together, we’ll cultivate the garden of your story so you can become a better writer and editor.

As Your Writing and Editing Buddy

My Specialty

Unlike most editors, I offer to implement the final edits for you and even add in missing narrative info in your author voice. 

I will give you feedback on your writing strengths and weaknesses, common grammar and punctuation mistakes, list any reader sensitivity issues, and help you flesh out your characters and keep the plot points organized. 

My Standard of Editing

“The Chicago Manual of Style” and “The Christian Writer’s Manual of Style”

What I Don’t Take

Anything with elements of horror, excessive violence, prolific profanity, explicit sexual content, or anything that mocks a people group or religion

My Preferred Genres

Inspirational/Christian Nonfiction, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Speculative, Action and Adventure, Romance, Historical Romance, Series 

My Method

My editing not only covers pulling out the weeds of unnecessary words, but also covers amending the soil of the plot and planting the seeds of narrative essentials:

Transplant “telling” into “showing,” “passive voice” into “active voice”

Abide in character POV, on theme, on message

Plant missing dialogue

Combine similar scenes

Condense less important scenes

Cultivate more important scenes

Water character arcs to produce backstories, hobbies, and dreams

Prune where chapters cut off

Fill in plot holes.