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Reader. Writer. Artist. Editor.

I edit fiction books for Elk Lake Publishing Inc. and edit the content of fiction and nonfiction books as a freelancer, combining my creative writing side and constructive detailed side.

My blog covers what it’s like as a Christian book editor, exploring notes and excerpts from my books in progress and giving you tips on how to start your writing and editing journey.

Let me be your writing buddy and help you craft the story of your dreams!

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I’m Kelsey Renae Budd

Content Editor


Check out my Book Editor page to know what it’s like to have me as your book buddy.


Check out “Charleston Light,” the anthology my Christian writer friends and I wrote with 8 short stories on Amazon.


Check out my Blog for writing and editing tips from a creative, constructive, and Christian perspective. 


Check out my Resources page of an ever-growing list of nonfiction books, bloggers, and Booktubers I recommend, how to join ACFW and The Christian PEN, and learn more about Elk Lake Publishing. See my Shop for checklists on writing/editing.

My Book Buddy Reviews

"Kelsey is an excellent person to work with. She's kind, encouraging, and always willing to help with any questions. Her messages are professional and timely, yet they have a personal touch when she shares her experiences."

Shayna D. for advising her on starting up a freelance editing business

"I do really appreciate your hard work on this! I am really loving what you have done and suggested!"

Matthew M. for his young adult speculative fiction series