May your stories bud, bloom, and blossom!

About Me

Growing up as a homeschooled military brat, Kelsey always loved stories but hated to read because of her learning disability. That didn’t stop her from being an English major at Charleston Southern University or from graduating at the top of her class in 2018.

She first fell in love with fantasy when she read the “Eragon” series but became fully emersed when she wrote her first short story in high school, creating an ever-expanding world of inter-connected stories.

In college writing critique groups, she discovered a knack for cultivating the good parts of other people’s stories, and playing characters in skits and plays inspired her to write character driven plots.

After college, she joined a local writers’ group, American Christian Fiction Writers, to learn from authors and published an anthology together.

Kelsey hopes to instruct others in God’s Word from her Biblical nonfiction books, inspire future authors in her fiction stories, and encourage others with disabilities to follow their dreams. 

kelsey on butterfly chair